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Great Facilities

We have one very large room and one small room that are perfect for your event.


Booking Enquiry

You can book using the telephone or download one of the booking forms.


Competitive Prices

The hall can be booked at incredibly low rates.


Welcome, to the new Pett Village Hall website. 

The new Pett Village hall was built in 2002 to replace an old cherished building which had served the village needs for over 80 years. The Hall was officially opened in March 2002 by Paul Merton, the comedian, a local resident at that time. The event is mentioned in his autobiography “Only when I laugh”.

More hall history...


Thanks to the ongoing support of the community, the 500 Club is slowly growing. We signed up 16 new members at the Flower Show and in total, our membership has generated a revenue of over £5000.00 towards running costs of the Village Hall. The 500 Club is administered and run solely by volunteers.

After changing the prize structure in November, there have now been 12 lucky winners. New members are always welcome and the more members, the higher the value for the 1st and 2nd prize.

Membership costs £12 per annum for each number purchased. Each month all the eligible numbers are put into a draw. 50% of the subscription money goes to Pett Village Hall Fund and the remaining 50% goes into the prize fund.

The prize fund is then divided into four prizes of £12.00 and then the remainder is divided between two winners in the proportions of 60% to the First Prize-winner and 40% to the Second Prize-winner.

If members do not renew, their numbers will be excluded from the next monthly draw, but it is hoped that you will continue to support the Village Hall in this way.

Payment is either by standing order or by cheque or cash. All details are on the forms available to download on the Pett Village Hall website or may be obtained from Phil at the Butcher's Shop.

Stumped for a Christmas Gift

We also offer a Gift membership for £12 annually. You or a friend or family member could be a Happy Winner in the future!

Please join and Good Luck.

To re-join please use the following:

... or why not give memberships as a gift:

Pett Village Hall
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